jacobs ladder guitar pedal available soon

in development

jacobs ladder

Based on that renowned synth company’s famous ladder filter. Featuring a built in LFO and expression pedal control, it also has the ability to drive the input for some interesting distortion. A rarity among guitar pedals, it has properly derived positive and negative 9v rails for improved headroom thus better sound quality, whilst still using a conventional 9v centre negative power supply.

early development

Mix bus compressor clone.

Transformer mic preamp clone.

Eurorack synth studio grade VCA.

Analogue spring reverb.


tr-3b eq

This is a clone of that well known EQ from Oxford, the one that everyone wants but has to settle for the plug-in. Idea here being we put eight channels in a neat self contained enclosure, use ridiculously high quality components, and release it at a much more attainable price. Only change we have made is that each frequency is now bypassable independently.

more about audio electronics

We are a low volume, high quality audio equipment manufacturer based in Berkshire, England. All of our products are designed, hand built and tested by our audio electrical engineer Matt.

We sell direct to you from our website so more of your money goes on the product itself. We don’t make compromises to shave every last penny off the bill of materials.

This is especially important in audio equipment where the quality of components makes a considerable difference to the performance.


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